3.5 Mio €
3.5 Mio €

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With the EU-funded research project PIONEERED, we are striving to promote educational equality in Europe. By determining research-based policy measures and identifying pioneering policies and practices, we will aim to mitigate inequalities in formal and informal education settings. Most importantly, the PIONEERED project will take into account the diversity of inequalities, countries, educational stages and involved actors and the need for customised solutions.

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Aiming to provide policy and practice recommendations to counteract educational disparities at different stages of education successfully, the multi-method project will:

Develop an innovative methodological framework by reviewing the current state of research
Analyse how national (or regional) policies address inequalities and vulnerable groups
Conduct practical research in (in-) formal educational settings
Examine data to identify intersectional inequalities throughout educational careers

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“Our findings can help to shape the future of educational systems and societies in Europe – to make them more inclusive, more innovative and reflective.”

Professor Andreas Hadjar, coordinator of the PIONEERED project;
professor in Sociology of Education at the University of Luxembourg

The PIONEERED project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004392.