• ECSR Annual Conference 2023

    18 Sep 2023 — 20 Sep 2023
    Prague, Czech Republic

    The European Consortium of Sociological Research (ECSR) will hold its next annual conference in Prague, the Czech Republic, between 18 and 20 September 2023. The meeting will be hosted by the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, and Faculty of Arts, Charles University. The theme of the conference is "European Societies in Times of Uncertainty".

  • ECER 2023

    22 Aug 2023 — 25 Aug 2023
    Glasgow, United Kingdom

    ECER 2023 will take place on the Gilmorehill Campus of the University of Glasgow in August 2023. Keynotes and other events will focus on "The Value of Diversity in Education and Educational Research." Overall, this conference aims to address the many different forms of diversity in educational research, be they conceptual, contextual or methodological, and explore the creation of a wide range of practices within and between each. Find out more about how PIONEERED partners are participating in the event here:

  • EARLI 2023

    22 Aug 2023 — 26 Aug 2023
    Thessaloniki, Greece

    The 20th Biennial EARLI Conference is hosted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia, Greece. Participants are encouraged to present results and ideas on state-of-the-art research in learning and instruction, specifically around the topic "Education as a Hope in Uncertain Times".

  • 10th IEA International Research Conference

    28 Jun 2023 — 30 Jun 2023
    Dublin, Ireland

    The IEA International Research Conference (IEA IRC) is an international forum for researchers working with IEA data to exchange ideas and information on critical educational issues.

  • 29th International Conference of Europeanists

    27 Jun 2023 — 29 Jun 2023
    Reykjavik, Iceland
  • XX ISA World Congress of Sociology

    25 Jun 2023 — 01 Jul 2023
    Melbourne, Australia

    The XX ISA World Congress of Sociology will focus on how sociologists worldwide can (and do) contribute to the understanding of resurgent authoritarianism and analyze the new entanglements of religions, politics, and economies. It will also focus on how sociologists engage (physically and critically) in the formidable social movements we are witnessing today in different parts of the world and in a renascent civil society. PIONEERED's Aigul Alieva (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER); Institute of Education and Society, University of Luxembourg), among others, will take a closer look at the "Intersectional Approach and Inequality of Educational Opportunity" in an oral session during the conference.

  • ECASS Final Conference

    15 Dec 2022 — 16 Dec 2022
    Barcelona, Spain
  • EARLI SIG 18 Conference 2022

    05 Sep 2022 — 07 Sep 2022
    Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

    PIONEERED's Robin Benz and Simon Seiler from the Interfaculty Centre for Educational Resesarch (ICER) at partner University of Bern are presenting a paper at this year's EARLI SIG 18 Conference. The topic: "Effects of school segregation on educational achievement along the educational trajectory in Germany". The conference will take place at the University of Education, Freiburg im Breisgau in southern Germany.

  • UNESCO World Higher Education Conference

    18 May 2022
    in-person and online

    This week, the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 takes place. In her talk on 18 May, Dr Juliette Torabian (University of Luxembourg) will ask: Is higher education doomed with inequalities?

  • IV Colóquio Internacional de Ciências Sociais da Educação

    12 May 2022 — 14 May 2022
    Braga, Portugal